We’re 2 weeks away from our world trip, which obviously means last minute planning mode. At this point we’re wrapping up putting finishing touches on our itinerary, signing up for all necessary insurances and trying to figure out how to pack 8 months worth of clothes and gear into 1 backpack a piece. While some of you may have a better understanding of how we found ourselves at this point, we know that not everyone may be aware of our story. So in a nutshell this is how we ended up 2 weeks away from our very own world trip.

11 years ago… 2 young high schoolers on a journey to Australia met for the first time.

Picture 001

4 years ago… they were married in Italy.


18 months ago… they started talking about a world trip.


3 months ago… they sold their house.



2.5 months ago… they started their vaccinations. 


2 months ago… he sold his truck (“awesome truck”).


1 month ago… they bought 2 round the world tickets.


yesterday… she quit her job (“and had an amazing going away lunch”).


In 2 weeks… they are off on Operation Go Travel!

8-5-2015 11-19-54 AM


Yes this is an incredibly high level look at our story but don’t worry, we’ll be sharing more as we continue to prep for the trip. We’ll also be updating our blog regularly as we travel with our pictures and stories.

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa