September 4th, 2015

Trolltunga has been on our list of must do activities since we started planning our trip. It all started with a Yahoo article showing pictures of hikers standing on Trolltunga which resulted in us saying…we need to do that!

Of course those pictures didn’t actually give any indication of the reality of hiking Trolltunga. The hike was 22 km or for our friends back at home trying to do the math, just over 13.5 miles round trip. We climbed just under 3,000 feet in elevation on the way to Trolltunga, most of which was in the first 2 miles; then we had to go back down which was more painful than the hike up.

That being said the views were amazing and the hike was more than worth it. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so in pictures our hike went a little something like this…

*As a note for anyone interested in hiking Trolltunga: you need to take a car or bus to the trail head. We read a few places that the trail head was just 2 kilometers outside of Tyssedal, that’s not the case. It’s about 8 kilometers and it’s up hill, you don’t want to climb this before or after your hike.

2015-09-03 23.54.48

2015-09-03 23.56.30

We’re so excited to start hiking, little did we know what was about to come!

2015-09-03 23.56.47

Stairs for a little over half a mile, straight up. They were about as vertical as you could get.

2015-09-04 00.04.41

2015-09-04 00.21.24

We finally made it up the stairs but we still had about 1.5 miles of steep up hill to go. Even after those 1.5 miles the hills kept coming though they weren’t as steep as the initial climb.

2015-09-04 00.43.50

2015-09-04 02.00.06

We thought the bridge was broken…it wasn’t.

2015-09-04 06.30.25

We’re just over halfway there!

2015-09-04 02.33.33

2015-09-04 03.53.20

The views were amazing.

2015-09-04 02.52.31

2015-09-04 02.58.53

Because no hike is perfect without a little glacier hiking…this was the second one.

2015-09-04 03.38.34

Are we there yet?

2015-09-04 03.43.27

4.5 hours later…we made it!!! And yes the rock is suspended over the cliff, this is definitely not for anyone scared of heights. Also dogs do not like going onto Trolltunga to take pictures and if you’re going to do a yoga pose for your picture please, please do not stumble, you will freak everyone out.

2015-09-04 04.51.36

Let’s get down from here, the views are gorgeous but we’re tired and really don’t want to get rained on.

2015-09-04 05.30.32

In total the hike took us around 8.5 hours. It was grueling but amazing. Now it’s time for us to recuperate.

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa