September 22nd, 2015

Today has been interesting to say the least…

We woke up this morning to pouring rain but thankfully we had a few more hours of our own personal sauna. We put it to good use and warmed up before we started our day. After we packed up we checked out of our hotel and left our packs with the front desk. They were kind enough to hold them until we moved to our new hotel for the night, the glass igloo.

The rain lightened up a little and we decided to bike to the husky farm. What was supposed to be a flat bike ride was more uphill and longer than expected, which of course we didn’t know until we were committed. The worst part was knowing that we’d have to make the trek back.

2015-09-22 02.49.41

2015-09-22 03.22.01

2015-09-22 03.29.25

2015-09-22 03.09.13

The husky park while having some great animals was really not impressive which was a disappointment. It was fun to see the animals but there was no real interaction with them and the tour was quick. Thankfully it was cheap or it would have made the situation worse.

Now, while we were in the husky park it started to down pour. As a reminder we rode our bikes to the park which means that is how we have to get back to town. We’re already tired and riding a bike in the pouring rain is not fun for anyone. So we got back on our bikes and headed out into the rain, we made it back to town in one piece although a little worse for the wear.

Hungry… we went to a local cafe. Thankfully our lunch was great. We had Porotasku sandwiches (it’s a reindeer sandwich and Melissa was able to pronounce it correctly with no help), pastries and lattes. The good and warm food went a long way towards lifting our spirits.


After lunch we grabbed some groceries and went to pick up our bags. After we grabbed our bags we took a taxi to the Golden Crown Igloo resort. It was a quick ride and we made it into our room with no issues. Our igloo package was even upgraded for the night so we received welcome drinks, bathrobes and a breakfast basket.

2015-09-22 06.58.55

2015-09-22 06.58.46

2015-09-22 06.58.07

The resort is supposed to be a place to unplug and relax, which means there was no WiFi or TV. We made some tea and hung out then decided to make dinner. There was a lounge building nearby that had a wood stove, so we cooked our pizza over a wood fire. It took a while but it turned out amazing!

2015-09-22 09.31.42

2015-09-22 10.12.35

After that we headed back to our igloo for the night. It rained the whole night so there were no northern lights to be seen. To top it off there was a leak in the middle of our roof, so we had to move the bed over to the side of the igloo. We called the front desk and they offered to move us to another hotel because they were fully booked for the night. Which apparently is unusual during the fall season. We decided to meet with them in the morning to discuss a potential refund but opted to stay in the room (they did end up refunding us but more about that on the next post).

Unfortunately the day was not what we expected it to be but it was an adventure.

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa