October 5th, 2015

Today we left Stockholm behind and headed to our next location in Sweden. Gotland is an island located off of the coast of Sweden, it is the largest island in the Baltic sea. Per our usual mode of transportation we took a ferry to Gotland.

Once we made it ashore we located our Airbnb, a quaint little apartment in the middle of the medieval town of Visby. We dropped off our bags and then went out and visited the town to see what we could find…we found a lot.

Visby is very similar to Tallinn in that it dates back to medieval times. The town is lined with cobblestone streets and there are ruins of several medieval churches shattered around. Not to mention that the entire town is surrounded by a fortress wall which is surprisingly well preserved considering it’s so old.

We’re still learning about the history of the town but here’s a look at what we saw today…

2015-10-05 05.21.16

2015-10-05 05.23.08

2015-10-05 07.30.05

2015-10-05 07.29.07

2015-10-05 07.35.31

2015-10-05 07.37.56

2015-10-05 07.40.04

2015-10-05 07.41.25

2015-10-05 07.44.53

That is a rock that is lodged in the window of the wall, it was catapulted during the medieval ages and hasn’t moved since!

2015-10-05 07.55.18

Tomorrow we’re going to head north on the island and check out some unusual rock formations!

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa