October 4th, 2015

Today we were up early to catch a ferry to Stockholm’s Archipelago Islands. In total there are roughly 24,000 islands that make up the archipelago. We didn’t have time to visit them all but we did have time to visit one, Sandhamn. Sandhamn is a favorite of Sweden and many locals visit the island for a moment of relaxation during the summer.

We had a relaxing ride to the island, the purpose of our visit was to unwind for a bit. When we made it to the island we spent a few hours exploring, basically we walked around and ignored the clock. The ride back was a bit more crowded but we enjoyed our time visiting Sandhamn. Here’s a look at the archipelagos & Sandhamn…

2015-10-04 02.45.40

2015-10-04 02.47.50

2015-10-04 04.03.14

2015-10-04 04.17.05

2015-10-04 04.25.48

After we returned from our boat trip, we made quick work of dinner and laundry. Ryan arranged a surprise for the evening and we were out the door early to make sure we made it on time.

The surprise was Roomescape! Roomescape is essentially a live video game where you’re locked in a room and need to solve multiple puzzles to find your way out. The Roomescape we went to was set up a little bit differently. While we were placed in a room and had an hour to solve our mystery; we weren’t actually locked in.

Our Roomescape challenge went something like this… “A deadly virus has infected the majority of the world’s population. The virus is causing a loss of cognitive abilities and ravenous hunger, it is turning humans into “Zombies”. The virus initially contracted through a bite is now airborne and spreading rapidly. A team of Russian scientists were close to a cure for the virus but as of 24 hours ago they have lost communication with the outside world, it is presumed they have become infected. As their U.S. colleges you are humanity’s last hope to find a cure and rid the world of the “Zombie” virus. The United States government has ordered an elite marine squadron to escort you into Russia and uncover the cure. Your marine escorts have enough ammunition to allow you one hour to find the cure. Go…”

Screenshot 2015-10-06 19.50.58

We saved the world with a minute to spare (it was very Hollywood)! We can rest easy tonight.

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa
Saving The World One Zombie Virus At A Time