October 8th, 2015

Today didn’t exactly go as planned.

We woke up this morning and Ryan got it his extra gym time, we also had a fantastic breakfast at our hotel. After we checked out we headed over to the bus station. Our plan at the time was to take the bus to Kalmar, a town an hour away and grab a rental car. We were hoping to drive down the coast and stop at Sweden’s version of Stonehenge.

We made it to Kalmar with no issues and we were even able to visit Kalmar Slott. Kalmar Slott is a medieval castle, its most significant contribution to history occurred in 1397. It is the place where the Kalmar Union was formed – a union between Denmark, Norway and Sweden (Finland was part of Sweden at that time). The union was organized by Queen Margaret I of Denmark.

Here’s a look at Kalmar Slott…

2015-10-08 02.12.41

2015-10-08 02.12.47

2015-10-08 02.15.30

2015-10-08 02.15.50

2015-10-08 02.22.50 2015-10-08 02.26.23

A rainbow!

2015-10-08 02.31.12

2015-10-08 02.39.13

Our issue occurred after we visited Kalmar Slott. We were planning to pick up a rental car at the airport and drive up the coast to our next hotel. Unfortunately, there were no rental cars. Instead we took a train to Oskarsham where we’ll be staying the next two nights until we head to Copenhagen.

In retrospect it’s probably best that we didn’t rent a car. We saved a bunch of money and it would have been about a 6 hour drive. Not to mention that we really only had one concrete thing we wanted to see.

So now we’re at our hotel, we had a yummy dinner and we’re going to call our families. Then it’s off to bed.

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa