October 7th, 2015

Today we left Gotland and headed back to mainland Sweden. Overall it was a pretty laid back day and we didn’t do much. We checked out of our Airbnb apartment in the afternoon and headed to a cafe to plan for a little bit.

After we grabbed lunch we headed to the ferry terminal. Gotland is a very spread out island and it’s a bit of a walk from the ferry terminal to anything. Not to mention that a majority of the island seems to be shut down because it’s off season.

So we hung out at the ferry terminal until we were able to board. After we boarded the Ferry we had three more hours of relaxation until we made it to Oskarshamn.

However when we made it to Oskarshamn we were happy to find out that there was a gym at our hotel. Ryan proceeded to hit the gym immediately! We’re going to bed now because we have to be up early for our adventures tomorrow and Ryan wants to grab a little more time in the gym before we leave.

Happy Travels!

Ryan & Melissa