October 10th, 2015

Today we’re officially headed to our 6th country. Even though we visited Denmark yesterday it was only a brief stay, this one will be a little longer.

We packed up in the morning and headed to take the ferry over to Helsingør, Denmark. When we made it there we found a train that would take us to Copenhagen. We had a few issues trying to find the right train. Essentially, it wasn’t well marked and in Europe their credit cards come with pin codes that you need to make purchases. Normally this isn’t an issue for us but the machine to buy the train tickets was requiring it. Thankfully we sorted both issues out and made out way to our destination.

We located our hotel easily. We got lucky and found a 4 star hotel for 50% off! So we checked into our room and dropped our bags. The remainder of the day we didn’t do much more. We walked around for a bit then had a few margaritas which were fantastic then started to do our laundry. It looks like we’ll be hand washing and air drying our clothes.

The one thing we’ve learned about Copenhagen so far is that it is expensive!

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa