October 13th, 2015

Today we managed to make it to the Viking Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. It was a quick train ride from Copenhagen and then a short walk. We’d been to the viking museum in Oslo, so we were interested to compare the two. What we found is that they were actually very different from each other and both enjoyable. The Viking Museum in Oslo had much better preserved ships but the museum in Roskilde was much more interactive (had we been there in a summer we could have even taken out a replica of one of the viking ships onto the near by water.

Here’s a look at our time at the Roskilde Viking Museum…

Making some traditional flat bread…no eggs!

2015-10-13 03.07.46

2015-10-13 02.57.57

2015-10-13 03.02.02

Replicas of the viking ships that you can sail on during the summer…

2015-10-13 02.44.12

Birds of prey…

2015-10-13 03.15.01

2015-10-13 03.15.45

We thought about playing some viking board games, then it got too complicated…

2015-10-13 03.42.46

The Roskilde Viking Museum has the remains of several Viking era ship, most of which were used in burials. Using what remains they found they have recreated the ship in a metal frame. While the Oslo museum ships were much more intact it was still interesting to see the different style ships they had on display.

2015-10-13 03.45.08

2015-10-13 03.45.38

2015-10-13 03.50.16

2015-10-13 03.53.30

2015-10-13 03.55.54

The Vikings used to make floating blockades in their fjords to protect themselves from attack. Here’s a little light reading on how they did it…

2015-10-13 03.51.46

2015-10-13 03.51.34

After the museum we headed back to Copenhagen. We had planned to go to the local gym for the night and get in some much needed exercise. Ryan hit the weights while Melissa went to a Pilates class (fully in Danish). It was great to have a gym to exercise in.

Now we need to go to bed. We leave to meet up with Melissa’s parents tomorrow in London and our flight is at 7 am which means we’ll be getting up at 4:30 am. Wish us luck!

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa