November 19th, 2015

Today we’re going to explore Edinburgh. It’s cold but thankfully the rain has stopped and it’s sunny out.

We started off by heading over to Edinburgh Castle. The castle was gorgeous and huge! We didn’t go inside though because they we’re asking a ridiculous amount to tour it. So instead we walked around it a bit and took some pictures.

2015-11-19 11.55.46

2015-11-19 11.55.55

2015-11-19 11.55.27

Then we walked around the town and grabbed lunch. Here’s a look at Edinburgh.

Cathedrals and churches…

2015-11-19 11.57.25

2015-11-19 12.27.34

The Scott Monument…

2015-11-19 12.29.39

2015-11-19 13.42.30

Views of the city…

2015-11-19 12.10.56

2015-11-19 13.35.22

We also had to do a few last minute things before we leave Scotland tomorrow, that included shopping for our country patches & post card, not to mention have our “country drink”.

Now we’re off to bed. Tomorrow we fly to Barcelona, Spain.

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa