December 6th, 2015

We woke up this morning to an insane amount fog. The fog was so dense that when we made it to the airport we couldn’t even see the airplanes at the gates. We should have known that it was going to be a crazy day.

To keep this from being a really long story, here is a brief overview of the travel disaster that was our day…

  • When it comes time to board our first flight there are no announcements.
  • When it comes time for our first flight to depart there have still been no announcements. We’re getting no updates and have no idea what’s going on.
  • 20 minutes past when our flight was supposed to leave we ask the attendant at the gate and find out our flight was canceled.
  • After checking with customer service we find out that we wont make our connection. So we won’t be getting to Malaga tonight, we’ll be spending the night in Madrid (thankfully at the expense of the airline).
  • Our second flight of the day is delayed but actually departs. (Again no updates at the gate as to if the flight was delayed and no announcements when they finally board!)
  • We make it to Madrid… and our bags are missing. Thankfully we find them 30 minutes later.
  • It’s 10 PM after we make it to the hotel and have dinner.

It’s been a long day…we need to be up at 5am for the second half of our flight tomorrow. We can’t wait to be in Malaga! We’re also happy that most of the time our travels aren’t this much of a hassle.

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa