December 22nd, 2015

Today we got to check something off of Melissa’s bucket list…visit Neuschwanstein Castle. We were up early to make sure that we caught our bus. We booked a private tour for the day, so we had the bus to ourselves and a busy day to follow.

After we boarded our bus it was time to go find our tour guide. Apparently, he went to the other Sheraton hotel in Munich. After we finally managed to get our tour guide it was off to Bavaria, the mountainous region of Germany.

We had a small stop at a lake for pictures on the way to the town of Oberammergau. We grabbed a family picture, then it was back into the bus and off to Oberammergau.

2015-12-22 10.34.12

2015-12-22 10.30.59

2015-12-22 10.30.27

Oberammergau was a quintessential little German town. We were only in the town for a few minutes but we had a chance to stop at the local bakery and a wood carving shop. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and very animated. He provided us with a lot of history through out our tour.

After we visited the wood carving shop we headed to Kloster Benediktbeuern, a Monastery in Bavaria. We visited the church in the Monastery but we made it a quick visit because it was absolutely freezing! We’re in the Bavarian Alps and you can definitely tell by the temperature.

Here’s a look at the Monastery…

2015-12-22 11.07.57

2015-12-22 11.10.53

2015-12-22 11.10.23

2015-12-22 11.11.21

After the Monastery it was off to Linderhof Palace. Linderholf Palace was built by King Ludwig II and was modeled to look like a mini-Versailles. It did in fact look like a miniature Versailles. A few fun facts: this was one of three palaces King Ludwig II built for himself and it was the only one he lived in.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the palace but here’s a look from the outside…

2015-12-22 12.50.43

2015-12-22 12.52.26

After Linderhof Palace it was off to the main attraction, Neuschwanstein Castle. On our way to the castle we stopped at another lake and grabbed some more pictures…

2015-12-22 13.59.33

Then it was back into the bus and on our way. When we made it to Neuschwanstein Castle we had a bit of a hike up before we made it to where we were having lunch. We had lunch next to the castle and then we grabbed our tickets and headed over for our tour. We were the last tour of the day, so we made sure we were on time.

Neuschwanstein Castle was built by King Ludwig II, however it was never completed. In fact only 10 rooms in the palace were finished, which was a small percentage of the whole castle. Construction of the palace ceased upon King Ludwig’s death. In total the King lived in his palace for only 172 days.

Again we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but here’s a view from the outside…

2015-12-22 15.56.24

2015-12-22 15.57.23

2015-12-22 17.03.01

2015-12-22 17.02.56

As we toured the castle we grabbed a few glances of Schloss Hohenschwangau in the distance. This is the castle King Ludwig II grew up in.

2015-12-22 17.25.52

After we completed the tour it was back to Munich to grab dinner. We had a blast on our tour and Neuschwanstein Castle was as amazing as we thought it would be. Tomorrow we move to Nuremberg!

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa