December 25th, 2015

Today is Christmas Day and it’s going to be a day of relaxation for us, simply because everything is shut down. After we woke up in the morning and had breakfast we all met in Mark & Diane’s room to open presents. We even had a little tree to put the presents under.

We also managed to pull out all the food we purchased yesterday. We had a smorgasbord of German food including sausages, fruit, bread, pretzels and cheese. The food was delicious and we still have a ton left over for the next few days. After presents and our smorgasbord of food we relaxed at the hotel for a while. A few people went and exercised while others played games.

Later in the afternoon we took a walk around town and explored, even though nothing was open we still saw a lot. We even visited the fortress overlooking the old town.


Matt unfortunately was still suffering the effects of food poisoning so he missed out on most of the day. However he’s starting to feel better so that’s an improvement. After we made it back from our walk we had dinner at the hotel. Then it was time to play some more games until we decided to head to bed. Tomorrow is our last day in Nuremberg and we’re hoping we’ll find a few things to keep us occupied.

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa