December 28th, 2015

Today was Melissa’s birthday and we had a packed day. We slept in because Melissa didn’t want to get up early, since it was her birthday we let her sleep. After we all got up and had breakfast we headed into town to walk around for a bit. We explored the square nearby and a few of the streets.

2015-12-28 12.31.34

After that we headed over to meet our Foodie tour guide, Míša. The food tour took us around Prague and we tried a little bit of everything. They even gave us a write up of where we visited and what we had. So we’ll let them tell you what we did today:

  1. Sisters – you started with modern “chlebíček” (open faced sandwiches) with egg spread and celery spread.
    2015-12-28 14.15.30Melissa’s Egg Free Option…
    2015-12-28 14.15.40
  2. Naše Maso – you tasted traditional “tatarák” (beef tartar), homemade meatloaf on Czech bread, tender beef sausage and boiled beef & pork sausage “talian”.
    2015-12-28 14.28.05
    2015-12-28 14.27.50
    2015-12-28 14.14.57
  3. Katr restaurant – you tasted “small beer dishes” such as “nakládaný hermelín” (pickled cheese) and “tlačenka” (aspic / headcheese), together with grilled goat cheese on beetroot, Pilsner beer and homemade lemonade.
    2015-12-28 14.45.45
    2015-12-28 14.52.28
  4. Czech Slivovice – you tasted alcohol made of plums.
    2015-12-28 15.19.30
    2015-12-28 15.19.27
  5. Mincovna restaurant – you tasted fried “Romadur” cheese with cranberries, “svíčková” – roasted beef with traditional sweet sour creamy sauce and Carlsbad bun dumpling, for drinks you had dark beer Velkopopovický Kozel, homemade strawberry lemonade and Becherovka – Czech digestive liquor made of secret combination of herbs and spices, as a dessert you had caramel & vanilla cream pudding.
    2015-12-28 15.39.50
  6. Choco Café – you got a chance to taste unique Czech “Hořické trubičky” (Hořice rolls) filled with fresh whipped cream dipped in a hot chocolate.
  7. Red Pif wine bar & restaurant, you sampled a nice selection of Czech & Moravian wines, Nicole had grape juice.

After our foodie tour we decided to have a drink to celebrate Melissa’s birthday. Our first stop was a James Dean diner, which ended up not being what we expected. After we left there we headed to a nearby Mexican restaurant. We had a few drinks and an impromptu Spanish lesson, Ryan & Melissa got to practice Spanish with one of the bartenders.

After the Mexican restaurant everyone went home except for Mike, Matt and Melissa. They headed out to what they later discovered was an 80’s disco dancing club, where the proceeded to dance the night away.

Tomorrow is a Spa Day for the girls, Melissa’s gift for her birthday. Now it’s time for us to get some rest.

Happy Travels,

Ryan & Melissa