January 13th, 2016

We accomplished a lot today. Brooke and Ryan managed to hike to the highest point in Athens and take in some fantastic views…

2016-01-13 09.31.47

2016-01-13 09.33.44

While, Melissa stayed back at the Airbnb. The cold that both Melissa and Ryan had in Germany is trying to make a recurrence and she’s trying to make sure she’s ready to travel around India. After Brooke and Ryan made it back we all headed out to a nearby bookshop. We need to print our India Visas before we leave for India tomorrow, so while Brooke and Ryan hiked, Melissa got that and a few other necessary items ready to print.

After we took care of our visas we headed out to grab some lunch. We decided to try a more traditional gyro before we left Greece, namely one that had tzatziki sauce. We found a place away from the main tourist areas and while the gyros weren’t as good as yesterday they were definitely more inline with what we viewed as traditional.

Then we headed over to the New Acropolis Museum. We took our time to exploring the museum, which gave us a clearer picture of what the Acropolis would look like fully intact. It also provided a better look at the smaller artifacts that had been excavated from within and around the Acropolis. Here’s a look at a few of the artifacts…

2016-01-13 13.41.30

2016-01-13 13.40.25

After we finished our time at the museum we headed back to our Airbnb. We made dinner and finalized our Thailand and Cambodia plans. We also booked a cab to bring us to the airport tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we’re headed to India!

Happy Travels,

Brooke, Ryan & Melissa