January 26th, 2016

4:30 AM is a really early time to get up but we’re lucky we did. As we were driving in our tuk tuk to the Angkor Wat, all we could really think about was 1. Why is it so cold? And 2. Do we really need to be there two hours before the sun come up?

Well it does actually get cold in Cambodia overnight, thankfully we had slightly warmer clothing than we did yesterday. And yes we really needed to head over to the Angkor Wat early because of the sheer number of people who show up for sunrise.

So we headed over to the Wat and then walked through the ruins with a flashlight until we made it to what looked like a rock concert with a bunch of people holding up flashlights, lighters and phones. Along the way we heard what sounded like a bunch of wolves, Brooke & Melissa were really hoping they’d see some werewolves but had no such luck. We did however mange to get swarmed by a million tourists and a few peddlers while waiting for the sunrise.

The Angkor Wat at sunrise…

2016-01-25 23.13.37

2016-01-25 23.12.22

2016-01-26 00.09.25

2016-01-26 00.09.46

2016-01-26 00.10.16

That’s a fraction of the people that were there…

2016-01-26 00.06.42

After sunrise it was off to the Angkor Wat to walk around…

2016-01-26 00.42.27

2016-01-26 00.46.05

2016-01-26 00.48.49

2016-01-26 00.53.29

2016-01-26 00.54.55

2016-01-26 00.56.47

2016-01-26 00.56.30

2016-01-26 01.09.01

2016-01-26 01.16.54

Following our visit to the Angkor Wat we headed back to our Airbnb. We did some needed planning for Nepal and China. We also rested a lot because our time in China is going to be fast paced and busy.

Now it’s dinnertime…

Happy Travels,

Brooke, Ryan & Melissa

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