January 24th, 2016

Today was Brooke’s birthday! Although she received her present from her family yesterday, visiting the elephants. After waking up this morning and wishing Brooke a happy birthday it was back to the airport. We checked into our flight and then we were off. After a layover in Bangkok we made it to our official destination…Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We had to complete our visas on arrival and thankfully it was pretty simple, we all received our visas without issue. We were picked up at the airport by an employee of the Airbnb we’re staying at. The Airbnb is actually more of a short-term rental apartment and we made out. We have a kitchen, living room, dining room, three bedrooms and two baths for $45.00 a night!

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by Cambodia so far. Everything is clean, nice and the prices are great too. It definitely receives more tourism than we were expecting. After we checked into our place we took a tuk tuk ride to dinner. We managed to find a paleo restaurant which Melissa was excited about and made sure to get Brooke a birthday dessert.

Now it’s time for sleep, tomorrow we’re going to visit the Angkor Wat.

Happy Travels,

Brooke, Ryan & Melissa

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