Our Everest Base Camp hike is coming up in under a month, help support our “Hiking For Health In Nepal” GoFundMe campaign! We’ll be building a health clinic in the remote village of Hewa, Nepal.

January 28th, 2016

Today we left Bangkok and headed to Beijing, China. Our trip to China has been one of the locations that we’ve actually needed to do a lot of preplanning for. We had to arrange for visas ahead of time, as well as book a tour and accommodations for the roughly two weeks that we’ll be here. We’re grateful for it now because it’s saved us on some last minute rushing around.

After waking up this morning we headed to the airport in Bangkok and said goodbye to Thailand officially. Our flight to Beijing was just under four hours long and it was Brooke’s first time riding on a double decker plane! The plane was massive and it really didn’t look like it should stay airborne.

After making it to Beijing we met our first tour guide of the trip, Jason. Then it was off to our hotel, it took about an hour because we hit rush hour traffic. Talking with Jason, we reviewed our itinerary for the next few days. We also learned an interesting little fact that we’ve either been ignoring or didn’t know…Google doesn’t work in China. We use Google for everything and we have to say this is blowing our minds a little!

After checking into our hotel we were thankful for having a guide. It makes navigating everything a little bit easier. Now it’s time for dinner.

Happy Travels,

Brooke, Ryan & Melissa