February 21st, 2016

Last night before dinner we had a little discussion with our Sherpa’s about what they consider easy. We’ve been noticing that their easy is not exactly what we would consider “easy”. So we put some new parameters in for the definition of “easy”, it’s either “Sherpa Easy” or “Lazy Person Easy”. We were promised that our hike today would be somewhere in-between but the rest of the days aren’t even considered “Sherpa Easy” so we’re a little scared.

After waking up this morning and having breakfast it was back to hiking. We have to say that after our initial up hill the hiking was nice. We had some up hills and some down but also a lot of flat. Along the way we came across several sacred rocks and temples, as an interesting fact you’re supposed to pass these sacred objects on the left. We made sure to stay to the left so that we received as much luck and blessings as possible.

We grabbed lunch next to the river and then it was our last push uphill for the day. When we made it to the top we came to a town called Tengboche, which hosts a monastery. We took a quick break but we’ll be visiting Tengboche tomorrow during our rest day so we headed out quickly to our lodge. Thirty minutes later we made it to our stopping point.

We’ll be ordering dinner soon. So now it’s time for us to get our rooms situated since we’ll be here for two days. We made it to 12,500 ft and we’re happy to report that Melissa is doing better.

Here’s a look at our hike today…

2016-02-21 03.54.17

2016-02-21 03.59.47

2016-02-21 04.20.58

2016-02-21 04.26.46

2016-02-21 04.27.44

2016-02-21 04.45.11

2016-02-21 05.14.58

2016-02-21 05.15.24

2016-02-21 10.06.36

2016-02-21 10.50.04

Till Tomorrow!

Happy Travels,

Brooke, Ryan & Melissa