February 24th, 2016

We’re headed uphill again today to Lobuche, our last stop before Everest Base Camp. Our hike started out relatively easy as we made our way through pasture and took in some great views of the mountains. We were lucky too because not only were we still adjusting to the altitude but it was also freezing cold, so it was nice to start off easy.

After a few hours we stopped for lunch and warmed up. Then it was on to the worse part of the day, our uphill portion. It was a vertical ascent for 45 minutes straight. Afterwards we found out that this section can actually take tourists up to 2 hours to complete and many times it is the point where hikers turn around. We had to give ourselves a small pat on the back for doing it in a decent time, even if we were huffing and puffing.

When we made it to the top of the hill we were greeted by several monuments. These monuments were erected for the Sherpas and mountaineers who have lost their lives while climbing Mt. Everest. It is a real representation of the dangers that come with climbing in extreme conditions. After looking around we headed back to the trail.

Then we had a flat hike to Lobuche, our camp for the next two nights. Lobuche is at 16,100 ft and the altitude has started to take its toll on some of our group. So while a few of our group rested the others headed up a nearby hill in search of cell service. Normally there is cell service and Wi-Fi throughout the Khombu valley, unfortunately for us it’s under maintenance. We did manage to get just enough service to send out a few text messages to family.

Now that we’re back in our lodge it’s time to relax and prepare. Tomorrow we’re headed to Everest Base Camp!

Here’s a look at our hiking today…

2016-02-24 03.48.00

2016-02-24 03.53.40

2016-02-24 03.55.38

2016-02-24 04.12.32

2016-02-24 04.48.49

2016-02-24 05.31.28

2016-02-24 05.28.56

2016-02-24 08.05.08

2016-02-24 08.11.56

2016-02-24 08.12.11

2016-02-24 08.37.47

2016-02-24 10.23.40

Happy Travels,

Brooke, Ryan & Melissa