March 2nd, 2016

Today we had the chance to give back on our trip and it’s something that we’ve been looking forward to doing. Unfortunately, it looks like Ryan’s come down with something; we’re thinking maybe bad water or food.

After we woke up this morning it was off to the site of the clinic. We held a blessing ceremony on the land where the clinic will be built, which was conducted by a Monk. After that it was time to break ground. We only had the day to work on the clinic but we’re happy that in addition to our help a portion of our trip cost will be used to fund the clinic.

Hike For Help Nepal focuses on small, large impact projects. Projects that are initiated by Hike For Help but are fully carried out and sustained by the locals, in this way the locals have a feeling of purpose and can champion a projects success. Not to mention the help it brings to the local communities.

In additional to mapping out the foundation and starting the leveling process, Lhakpa has also held several meetings with the villagers to establish a local committee for the project. After working on the clinic it was time to head back to our lodge. We had the chance to take “bucket showers” and tonight the villagers are hosting another party for us.

Here’s a look at our day…

2016-03-02 04.17.23

2016-03-02 04.17.55

2016-03-02 04.19.22

2016-03-02 04.32.09

2016-03-02 06.17.31

Till Tomorrow…

Happy Travels,

Brooke, Ryan & Melissa