April 20th, 2016

We didn’t have a chance to explore Machupicchu yesterday so that was the top priority today. We ended up taking the bus up to Machupicchu and Juan Carlos gave us a tour and brief history lesson. For your own history lesson visit our friend Wikipedia here.

Here’s a look at Machupicchu…


2016-04-20 16.38.58

2016-04-20 16.44.38

2016-04-20 17.23.56

2016-04-20 17.26.01

2016-04-20 17.37.39

2016-04-20 17.39.37

2016-04-20 17.43.03

2016-04-20 17.55.39

2016-04-20 18.10.33

2016-04-20 18.23.26

2016-04-20 18.37.31

2016-04-20 19.03.34

2016-04-20 09.26.36

2016-04-20 11.01.51



2016-04-20 21.32.06

After visiting Machupicchu we took the bus back down to Aguas Calientes. We did some brief shopping in the market then grabbed our train headed back to Cusco. It was a quick, hour train ride and we met our van at our stop. From here it was a two more hours driving back to Cusco.

It was late when we checked back into our hotel. So it’s time for us to go to bed. We’re in Cusco tomorrow then we head back to Lima.

Till tomorrow…

Happy Travels,

Brooke, Ryan & Melissa